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Fall 2020
Nov 29, 2020
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ENG 165 - Professional Communications - Syllabus
This course develops practical, written, and oral professional communication skills. Prerequisites: ENG 100 and RDG 100, RWR 100, or appropriate placement test scores. (3/0)
3.000 Credit hours
3.000 Lecture hours

Levels: Technical Education
Schedule Types: Independent Study, Lecture Only (Lec), Televised Lec w/Instructor, Televised Lec instruction, Tech-On-Line, Internet, Synchronous Web Instruction, Televised WHY w/instructor, Televised WHY instruction, Web Hybrid
All Sections for this Course

English Department

Must be enrolled in one of the following Levels:     
      Technical Education
Must be enrolled in one of the following Majors:     
      Associate in Arts
      Associate in Arts
      Diversified Agriculture
      Administrative Office Tech-ACC
      Administrative Office Tech-AOB
      Administrative Office Tech-LEG
      Administrative Office Tech-MED
      Administrative Office Tech-SPA
      Desktop Publishing Certificate
      Gen Tech-Commercial Art
      Associate in Science
      Automotive Technology
      Basic Diversified Agriculture
      Building Construction Tech
      Business Administration
      Career Development
      Criminal Justice
      DE - Automotive Technology
      DE - Building Construction
      DE - Electronic Engineering
      DE - Engineering Design Tech
      DE - HVAC Technology
      DE - Mechatronics Technology
      DE - Mechanical Engineering
      DE - Machine Tool Technology
      DE - Welding
      Early Care and Education
      Early Care & Educ-Infant/Todd
      Electronic Engineering Tech
      Engineering Design Tech
      Gen Tech Adver Design w/Photog
      Gen Tech Dig Rend w/Adv or Pho
      Gen Tech Photo w/Advert Design
      Gen Tech - Gunsmithing
      General Studies-Dual Enrolled
      Human Services
      Heating Vent and AC Tech
      Industrial Electronics Tech
      Mechatronics Technology
      Mechanical Engineering Tech
      Machine Tool Diploma
      Machine Tool Tech
      Gen Tech - Patient Care
      Gen Tech - Paramedic
      Welding Diploma
      Gen Tech-Welding

SAT Reading Subscore 480 or SAT READ/WRITING SCORE 510 or ACT English 20 or ACT Reading 20 or Technical Education level ENG 101 Minimum Grade of D or Technical Education level ENG 102 Minimum Grade of D or Technical Education level RWR 100 Minimum Grade of D or ( ( ASSET Reading Test 43 or COMPASS Reading Test 84 or ACCUPLACER Reading (ACCR) 071 or ACCU NEXT GEN Reading (ANGR) 250 or RDG 100 Waiver 1 or Technical Education level RDG 100 Minimum Grade of D) and ( ASSET English Test 40 or COMPASS English Test 65 or ACCUPLACER Eng/Sentence (ACCE) 081 or ACCU NEXT GEN English (ANGE) 244 or Technical Education level ENG 100 Minimum Grade of D) ) or Multiple Measures Pilot 1 1

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